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Our Athletes: Danielle Keith

Proven Brand Ambassador Danielle Keith

Danielle Keith

Clean and Jerk: 104kg // Snatch: 85kg

"I fell in love with the sport of gymnastics as a child and competed in the sport through my first two years of college, where I competed for the University of Florida’s club gymnastics team. However, I knew my time as a gymnast was coming to an end and I needed to find something new to challenge me. In 2012, at 19 years old, I tried CrossFit for the first time and found a new love- the barbell.

Coming from a gymnastics background, I learned at a very young age to embrace my strength, which carried over into CrossFit. I wanted to get stronger and I especially loved the weightlifting aspect of CrossFit. I would show up to CrossFit class early and stay late to work on my strength and technique. Gymnastics also taught me that mental strength is just as important as physical strength. Self-confidence is the most important quality to have in order to achieve your goals. In July 2015, I competed at my first Olympic Weightlifting meet where I qualified for Senior Nationals as a 63kg lifter. After that meet, I decided to focus solely on weightlifting. In September 2016, I became the Under 25 National Champion.

While I am not training, I am studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florida and coaching weightlifting in the evenings. I find that a busy schedule allows me to stay focused on my goals, as I perform best under pressure.

Proven Brand believes that your hard work and dedication should be recognized. I love representing this company because they allow you to showcase your passion and hard work, while inspiring others to do the same. I am honored to represent Proven Brand and hope to encourage many others to work hard and celebrate their progress."



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